David Lichman Moustache Challenge!

U.S. Veterans are taking their own lives every day.  Equine Therapy can help.


We have reached the first goal, and my moustache is off!!!

There's a new goal at $25,000 - read this touching story and donate to help even more veterans...

Hank Tuell's moustache is the next to go...

When the folks at Operation Second Chance heard about my offer, they teased Hank and asked him if he'd put his stache on the line, too.  I asked him if he'd consider it at a $25,000 goal.  Here is Hank's moving reply:

I have had my mustache since flying helicopters in Viet Nam. Sir, it will be a hard thing to do,  but would do it if we can reach that amount. A little story on mine: I flew MEDEVAC in Viet Nam with a young warrant officer named Bill Sallinger who had a great red moustache much like yours. He always kidded me about how scruffy mine was. Within a week of returning home after a rough year in Viet Nam, Bill was killed in a auto accident. I kept my rather scruffy mustache as a reminder of Bill and those I flew with. But, as you say, for a good cause, mine too, can go.  - Hank


Keep the donations coming, share this challenge, and let's have a look at the upper lip that hasn't been seen in 50 years.  Sharpen up that razor, Hank!!!!

One Step Closer & Operation Second Chance

One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding,
Morgan Hill, California, and Operation Second Chance, Red Lodge, Montana give free scholarships to U.S. Veterans, many of whom have lost the will to live and have nowhere else to turn.  These organizations do heroic work for our heroes, and I would like everyone to help support their efforts.

Your donations are tax-deductable.  Help me raise even more than $10,000  and let's give our equine partners lots of opportunities to help our veterans in need.  

I'm doing the easy part - bringing awareness to the need, and to the loving work these organizations are doing.  Mark and Landa Keirstead at One Step Closer, and Hank Tuell and Bob Larson at Operation Second Chance are doing the really hard work.  Let's show them our appreciation!  No donation is too big or too small.

Check out my BLOG below for the history of this Moustache Challenge!

David Lichman

One Step Closer - Morgan Hill, California

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